Working from home sounds like a dream come true for many people. But for those who have done it, or are currently doing it, you know that remote work comes along with its own set of challenges. Yes, there are benefits, but that doesn’t mean you never experience frustrations or setbacks.

Parlay Cafe was founded with your needs in mind. If you haven’t visited us yet, we think the following 10 reasons will convince you.

Maintain a schedule. Working from home allows a lot of freedom… And that encourages procrastination. When you get up off the couch and head to a different location, you will feel more motivated to get work done while you’re there.

Boost your mental health and creativity. Sitting around at home, wearing pajamas all day will eventually dampen your mood. Working from another location gives you a reason to get dressed and get some fresh air and sunshine on your way.

Enforce boundaries with family members or roommates. For some reason, the people who live with you don’t seem to understand that working from home requires the same amount of concentration as working from an office! They just won’t stay out of your hair. Leave the house and come visit us, and they won’t have a choice.

Access reliable internet. We equip all of our work spaces with the fastest high-speed internet available. Let’s be honest; not everyone can honestly sing the praises of their home internet connection.

Get moving. It’s easy to give in to a sedentary lifestyle when you work from home. Visiting us forces you to get up, get moving, and get out of the house. Walk or bike here, if you can, and you can build some exercise into your day too.

Get comfortable. Our work spaces are just plain cozy! If your home office feels cramped or cluttered, escaping to Parlay Cafe can practically feel like working on vacation.

Enjoy social contact. Working remotely can feel awfully remote. Even if it’s just a friendly chat with our barista, getting out of the house can help you reconnect with your fellow man. And who knows; beneficial networking or personal socializing can happen here, too!

Utilize our meeting rooms. Sometimes you need to see your coworkers face-to-face, or meet with an important client. Your home office just won’t serve this purpose adequately, but our high-tech, comfortable meeting rooms will.

Lunch breaks are more fun. Let’s face it; heading to your own kitchen for lunch just isn’t that exciting. When you visit us, you can access all of the nearby lunch options.

Prevent burnout. Even though it’s convenient, remote workers can suffer from burnout too. All of the above reasons to visit Parlay Cafe are compelling enough on their own, but together they all work to prevent burnout.

Feeling intrigued yet? Head on over and take a tour of our facility. Bring your laptop and plan to stay for a while. We’re convinced that once you give us a try, you’ll want to make Parlay Cafe a regular part of your remote work routine.