Smart business owners know that supported workers are happy workers… And happy workers are loyal, engaged, and more productive! But when you’re running a business based on remote work, managing employees takes on a whole new dimension. These three tips will help you support your remote workers, so that you’re all more satisfied with the relationship.

Avoid micromanaging. Remote employees are often attracted to these positions because they know that working independently is one of their strong points. So as a manager you must learn to swim with the current, not against it!

Start by hiring the best talent you can recruit, and then shift your thinking to one of result-based evaluation. When the results are good, don’t worry overly much about the minute-by-minute progress and fine details. Trust your remote workers to do their jobs in the way that works best for them, but also trust your own hiring instincts.

Communicate goals and expectations upfront. When assigning work, clearly articulate the goals of the project and your own expectations at the outset. Doing this can help you avoid the temptation to micromanage as the work is in progress.

And remember; communication is a two-way street. Ask for feedback regularly and hone your own listening skills. When the team is working remotely, communication might be via email, instant message, phone calls, or video chat. Identify the method that works best for everyone and remember that it will flow a bit differently than in-person communication.

Provide workplace flexibility. Working remotely doesn’t always mean working from home. Noise, interruptions, slow internet connections, or lack of space can impede progress for some remote workers. And at other times, in-person meetings are simply necessary.

Some managers assume that hiring remote workers means they never need to manage a business location. But try investing in a hybrid approach; supporting your employees means responding to their needs, as well as the requirements of each project. If workers need the occasional escape from the home office, or regularly need the use of meeting spaces, you can support them by seeking and providing well-equipped locations.

A membership at Parlay Cafe can support remote workers with high-speed internet, private work pods, small meeting spaces, or even large conference rooms equipped with the latest technology. Come tour our facility to see what we have to offer remote-work individuals and teams of any size and consider providing your employees with memberships that support their needs.