In the past year, more people than ever got to experience the highs and lows of remote work. Whether you loved it, hated it, or had mixed feelings, it looks like remote work is here to stay for many of us. Staying on top of the trends can help you to anticipate imminent changes, prepare for them, and identify solutions that help you succeed.

1. Remote work, or lack thereof, won’t always be an option.

With health experts predicting that the pandemic won’t be declared officially “over” until about 2025, remote work is here to stay. Of course, this largely depends upon your occupation and decisions made within your company. Some fields, like agriculture or construction, obviously can’t operate this way.

Therefore, some workers might feel pushed to make a choice. Those that would prefer to continue working remotely might seek jobs that accommodate the option, whereas those who prefer to ditch remote working could be seeking the opposite situation! More employment shake-ups are destined to occur, so polish up your resume and develop new marketable skills when you can.

2. We might all save money.

As analysts realize that remote work can save businesses on overhead expenses, more companies feel motivated to continue remote work options. Workers, too, have realized that they can save on the cost of gas, work wardrobes, lunches out, parking, and other expenses associated with commuting.

Of course, loneliness can be the downside of remote work. Analyzing your budget and dedicating a portion of it to entertainment can help.

3. Remote work frees up time, too.

Those who just shaved two hours off of their daily commute time are finding themselves with more free time than ever. Will you dedicate that extra time to healthier meal preparation or a daily workout? Or perhaps now is the time to enroll in an online class or two, to beef up your resume.

4. Workplace diversity will expand.

The culture at large has increasingly prioritized diversity in recent years. Now, no longer bound by geographical constraints, companies can hire more qualified workers from all backgrounds. This expanded talent pool will spur more competition in the job market, but also a wider range of options for applicants.

5. Coworking spaces are rising in popularity.

Coworking spaces can solve the problems of loneliness and stagnation and provide practical benefits such as fast internet and high-quality meeting spaces. Parlay Cafe is ideally positioned to fill these needs, and more. We offer resources to fit almost any business need, from cozy, private personal pods, to large, high-tech meeting rooms. Come tour our spaces and see how you can enjoy a “home office away from home”.