For the past year, we’ve all dreamed of life going back to normal. But as we’re coming to realize, “normal” will look a bit different post-pandemic. Yes, at some point the economy will be fully reopened, and hopefully we can all ditch masks for good. But the way we work is forever changed – mostly for the better!

Remote work is here to stay. While it has its ups and downs, both employees and employers have recognized benefits in remote work. Many of us will continue to work from home – or airports, hotels, beaches, and coffee shops – for at least part of the work week.

Frustrations aren’t necessarily reduced, but they are changing. Reducing commute times means more room in our schedules for exercise, hobbies, home care, and even just sleeping. But remote work doesn’t exactly translate to a frustration-free lifestyle. Those who work from home often experience blurred lines between home and “office” and feel that work intrudes into more of their waking moments (even when not physically in front of a computer).

Technology continues to grow in importance. Zoom conferences can’t always mimic the intimacy of in-person meetings, but engineers are working on that. Upgrades to both video software and physical hardware will allow online meetings to become more immersive and better suited to the needs of the users.

Freelancing will become more common. During an economic downturn, employers are reluctant to invest in hiring. More tasks will be outsourced on an as-needed basis, to contractors who work independently (and set their own hours, locations, and workloads).

Offices aren’t obsolete, but their purpose and use will change. While remote work is here to stay, that doesn’t mean we’ll all stay holed up in our bedroom offices forever! In many fields, emails and video conferencing simply can’t replace the power of in-person brainstorming sessions. Office spaces are set to transition from rows of cubicles to open, collaborative meeting areas. Employees might go into the office one or two days per week, to attend scheduled meetings and pitch in on group efforts.

In fact, this evolution is set to fuel the coworking space movement. While employers are ditching their large, burdensome private office spaces, they still recognize the importance of maintaining space for in-person meetings. Coworking spaces will rise to the occasion, offering flexible and fully equipped rooms for rent on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Parlay Café is positioned to offer the space and tools needed during this exciting transition into the future. From private, one-person work pods to large, tech-savvy conference rooms, we offer shared workspace to suit just about any need. Come tour our facility and learn about the perks of membership, as we prepare to launch into the new normal.

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