You dream of opening your own business, but you know there are considerable risks involved. Have you considered a franchise? Opening a franchise business provides many of the same benefits as starting your own, but with less risk. And franchising offers a few unique perks as well!

Work with friends and family. Opening a franchise can be a group effort, allowing you to work alongside your favorite people. You can finally ditch your commute and cramped office and live the life of your dreams.

Expert guidance. Starting a business can feel like navigating a maze. But when you go the franchise route, you will access a clear map to success. The franchise has done most of the complicated work for you. Just follow their guidance and you’ll be running your own location in no time.

The resources of a larger company. You’ll be running your own location, but as part of a larger network with greater resources. Whether you need legal expertise or help building your brand, being part of a larger company will help you access resources that would be costly otherwise.

Easier access to funding. You’ll probably need a loan to get started. The good news is that a business plan and financial projections are already done for you, and franchises are often viewed favorably by banks.

Fewer risks. Opening a franchise means you can usually avoid many of the delays and frustrations often associated with starting a business. The franchise offers a system that has already been tested and proven.

The right training. Running a successful business requires a number of skill sets, from accounting to managing personnel to marketing. Your franchise company will provide training so that you can master all of the skills necessary to your success.

Personalized assistance. With a franchise business, you have instant access to a network of other business owners who will be happy to offer advice. Plus, the franchise company itself offers a wealth of resources and support. They want you to succeed!

Give us a call to learn more about franchise opportunities with Parlay Cafe. We offer all of the above benefits, and more, to motivated new owners who are ready to tap into an exciting market.