For years I traveled for business – jump on a flight Monday morning, fly home Friday evening – repeat. One perk for giving up all that time at home was “elite status” at the airlines and hotels. I almost always got upgraded to First Class, and between flights I was able to relax and enjoy the VIP Airport Lounge, with its comfortable chairs, quiet business atmosphere, drinks and snacks, and high speed internet.

Years later I started working from from my home office – lots of pros and cons there – and often found myself at a local coffee shop trying to get some work done, meet a prospect or client, conduct an interview, etc. I would often think “Wouldn’t it be great if there were something like the VIP Airport Lounge here in town that people like me could use instead of a coffee shop?”

Well, now there is! When we opened Parlay Café in the Promenade Mall in Temecula we wanted to create the perfect environment for our members to work from while out and about – so we created a Member’s Lounge with leather seating, worktables, phone booths, super high-speed internet and charging ports everywhere…

In addition, we have three conference rooms, a training room, and a full service espresso and smoothie bar! Come and check out Parlay Café at the Promenade Mall (Temecula) for yourself. You will appreciate the unique, upscale environment (and the amazing Italian Illy themed espresso bar of course). You can find us in the outdoor area, downstairs between Macy’s and the Yard House. Daily and monthly passes are available – ask for a tour!

Written by Don Mastrangelo, Owner, Parlay Café