You’re living the dream, but that doesn’t necessarily mean wearing pajamas all day. As a home-based business entrepreneur, you chose this path because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Still, your lifestyle isn’t always simple.

In particular, some home-based entrepreneurs struggle with the balance between home and work, and when this happens, productivity can suffer. These suggestions can help you organize your day and improve your business results.

Establish ground rules. Your spouse, children, and even neighbors might not understand that working from home still means a lot of work. Each time they interrupt you, productivity suffers. Solving this problem can be as simple as hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your office door. In other cases, you might need to call a family meeting and state your case, along with some explicit rules and consequences for breaking them.

Get dressed. Fashion doesn’t matter so much when you work from home, but you will feel more professional and motivated if you hold yourself to a basic morning routine. Plus, you’ll feel more confident and pulled together when a client or co-worker needs to video chat on the spur of the moment.

Build an exercise routine. Studies have shown that taking a break for exercise will improve your mood, boost creativity, and provide extra energy. Build an exercise routine into your days, and you can reap both personal and professional rewards.

Get out of the house. The term “home-based” business isn’t technically correct for many; the business technically goes wherever you do! Take full advantage of your freedom, and escape a productivity rut by literally getting out… of the house, that is. A change in your environment will prompt creative thought and prevent boredom with your regular routine.

Create a workspace. Setting up a dedicated “work zone” will help you get into a productive work mindset. But you’re not limited only to home offices. There will be times that you need to get out of the house, whether to meet clients, to escape children who are home for winter break, or simply to enjoy a change in scenery. Renting a temporary work space can be just the solution you need.

At Parlay Café, our members enjoy comfortable work and meeting spaces, with flexible hours and rooms which can accommodate nearly any requirements. So whether you need a quiet area to get work done, a conference room to hold interviews, or a meeting room for a larger group, we’ve got you covered!

Stop by for a visit, and we’ll show you how our space can become your home away from home, even when you’re working. Oh, and enjoy a delicious Illy espresso or cappuccino while you’re here!


Written by Don Mastrangelo, Owner, Parlay Café