As a business owner, you are always performing a delicate balancing act. You want happy, productive employees. You want satisfied customers.  Of course, you want a thriving business.  Understandably, while accomplishing all of these goals, you must also manage the financial aspect of the business. You carefully maintain low overhead costs while maximizing profits, all without sacrificing quality of the product or employee satisfaction.

That’s quite a balancing act! Luckily, technology offers solutions today that weren’t available 20 or even 10 years ago. And societal shifts in how we live, work, and even think have created new possibilities for the workplace.

One major shift has involved the remote work trend, paired with flexible workspaces that meet a number of business needs.

First, the cost and stress of commuting daily has soured many employers and independent contractors on the office lifestyle. Business owners, likewise, have realized that the old tradition of large, expensive office spaces has become burdensome and unnecessary. One of the quickest ways to slash overhead costs (rent, utilities, insurance, and so on) is to ditch this outdated business model and embrace technology, remote work, and flexible workspaces.

Second, the digital era has caused more and more businesses to “go global.” Everyone from home-based entrepreneurs to larger corporations has recognized the potential of tapping into a worldwide market. Not only are products and services sold on the global marketplace; you can hire workers in just about any location that has an internet connection.

We have come to realize that remote workers love the freedom and flexibility of this trend. If you want loyal, productive employees or contractors, offering them an opportunity to work in the way that best suits them is key.

But still… They do need reliable internet, you need a dedicated workspace when traveling, and you all might need to meet up from time to time. Even in the age of remote, digital workspaces, human interaction and collaboration is sometimes necessary.

You’ve ditched the expensive, outdated office, and your workers are usually happier with it, but the need for 3D space does arise at times. That’s why we see coworking spaces exploding in popularity.

Coworking spaces help you keep overhead costs low, by eliminating the traditional office. But at the same time, these facilities provide for your occasional or even frequent need for physical space. These spaces are flexible enough to suit everything from individual worker needs to large meetings, and a membership can cover various levels of accommodations.  Coworking spaces also fill a gap for employees who value flexibility but sometimes require face-to-face collaboration.

Parlay Cafe is a unique hybrid of the coffee shop and co-working space that offers hourly, daily and monthly plans. Come tour our new location at 31754 Temecula Pkwy, Suite A in Temecula, CA and see what we have to offer! Let’s continue to grow together.