“We get asked all the time if we’re like WeWork. The short answer is ‘No!’” shares Manager Alicia Canales. “We’re providing clean, flexible productivity spaces for digital nomads, freelancers, solopreneurs, and students on a hour-pass, day-pass, and monthly membership basis.” 


We caught up with Alicia in our first-class coffee lounge and workspace by entering our large glass front door where guests are admitted via our PopID a facial-recognition and temperature scanner, state-of-the-art.


A backpack toting student sinks into a comfy reading chair soaking up early morning natural light, while a stiff-collared morning-trader packs up his laptop and grabs another illy espresso before heading out to work.


The vibe is comfortable but charged with anticipation and enthusiasm, you can almost feel the neurons firing behind these gleaming eyes. Alicia waves from behind the counter and we settle into a nook for a chat.


It’s a comfortable space called a ZenBooth which looks more like a sauna at the spa from the outside than a traditional cubicle or meeting room. The seating is comfortable and the space is ventilated with air conditioning. There are outlets and USB ports and the sound-proofing is remarkable. Almost no sound escapes or enters the room.


Sipping on outstanding Italian coffee the curiosity about how a membership actually works is engulfing.


“Explain it to me, I want to know everything.” we express. And it’s true. We want to know all the details about a Parlay Cafe membership so we can share them with you.


Alicia leans onto the table and beams, “Sure. I’d be happy to share everything we’re up to.”


“Parlay Café was founded with a vision on empowering the individual, not corporations. Most coworking spaces concentrated their focus on bringing companies of five, ten, twenty-five people to ensure cash flow. The thinking was, if you lock in a few big accounts you’ve got predictable revenue but COVID has shifted all of this,” she shares. 


Alicia continues by explaining that Parlay’s model is different from the traditional working space. It’s focus is on providing affordable memberships and day-passes to customers and to expand the Parlay idea through franchising. “That way you have multiple affordable Parlay locations around you, rather than one big location that you may have to commute to with a costly membership,” explains Alicia. 


“COVID-19 pushed our go-to-market strategy forward by almost ten, maybe fifteen years,” she muses. “Don, our founder, saw this coming—the shift toward use-passes and memberships, that is. But we’re uniquely equipped to provide clean, safe, luxurious spaces now because of his vision.”


The lounge membership system is simple at Parlay Café:


  • Hourly Pass: $5 per hour. Yep, it’s that affordable. 
  • Day Pass: $20 a day. (Oh, and only $10 if you’re a student.)
  • Monthly Digital Nomad Membership: $195 with access at any location.  


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Setting up your membership is even easier. To set-up membership, all you need to do is walk into our location in Temecula or schedule online and bring the following 


  • Name and email
  • Student ID (for a student discount)
  • Payment method. Parlay Cafe accepts all major credit cards.


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Memberships are honored in any Parlay Cafe location and the assertive franchise expansion plans could put an installation in every neighborhood across the country.


“We’re a work-near-home option that people are craving and most don’t have access to,” Alicia says.


Franchising to A Convenient Location Near You


“The plan is to be in every community that can benefit from our services,” Alicia admits. “If you look at where WeWork had its offices and where our franchisees are located you can see we’re interested in supporting people where they live. We have Google, Amazon Twitter, everyone’s working from home now and people are beginning to realize that working from home is not the most efficient. Everyone likes to avoid morning traffic but it’s just not as effective.”


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A few people walking by out front slow down long enough to peer in the large window as though they’re curious what it takes to come inside. None of the patrons notice but the barista shoots a warm smile their way making them suddenly self-conscious and ambulatory once again.


A pair of face-masked telecommuters set-up their workstations sharing an air-high-five to start their “shift”.


“We allow people to work the way they want, the times that they want, and we hear all the time how gratifying it is for our members and guests to experience productivity in that way,” Alicia smiles. 


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Join Us at Parlay Café


“When people hear about our perks and benefits they often sign-up on the spot but there are a few who sit on the fence and weigh the cost-benefit analysis. For those people I just ask them to consider, “Is your work environment optimal to your mood and productivity? Are you presenting yourself in the best way you can to colleagues and prospects?” explains Alicia. 


Ask yourself these questions, and if the answer is no, then we encourage you to check out the Parlay Café in Temecula if you’re close. 


If you’re not close, and absolutely WANT a Parlay near you, then realize that you have the power to do so in a few ways: 


  1. Consider becoming a franchisee
  2. Consider becoming an investor in Parlay Café for as little as $250 on Wefunder


“I love working with Don, and all the guests and members I get to meet. Sharing this new era of productivity with entrepreneurs makes my day,” Alicia finishes.


We hope it makes your day too!


Feedback? Questions? Comments? Please contact us at info@parlay.cafe, we’d love to hear from you!