You pursue productivity

Both the home-based and the corporate office paradigm lack in productivity and energy. Home-based working often puts your brain in relaxation mode. Corporate desk jobs stifle creativity and create boredom.  And you’ve done (and are done) with the Starbucks ‘office’ scene.

You disdain distractions

The dog. The television. The kitchen. The smoothie machine and bean grinder. The talking insurance salesman. You know distractions when you encounter them… whether working at home or at a coffee shop. And research shows it’s easier to avoid distractions than to fight through them. Now may be the time for you to work, meet and gather in a uniquely upscale and affordable setting with like-minded, focused professionals.

You’re fond of fraternizing

Socializing lifts your spirits, enhances you brain chemistry and boosts your creativity. Heading out to the Parlay Café espresso bar or chatting with someone in the Members Lounge will help both you and your business. Parlay clients typically forge some valuable business connections with each other.

Your clients need to connect with you

Entrepreneurs, solopreneuers, small business owners, freelancers, road warriors. All of you. Occasional (or frequent) face-to-face client meetings make all the difference. Where you conduct your meetings says a lot about you. Parlay Café is in the business of making sure yours says the right thing.

You need to be nimble

At Parlay Café, you’ll always work, meet and gather on your terms, on your schedule with unprecedented flexibility. Come and go. Try a Day Pass for $10. Get a Monthly Pass for $95. A few hours, one day a week or five (or seven). Never feel encumbered. Stretch your legs. Access the Promenade Temecula Mall, part of the Parlay Café ecosystem. Run an errand; buy a gift. Grab a bite at one of the Mall’s 25 eating establishments. Then settle back into work.

And there’s always fresh air on the Parlay patio!