Any working arrangement comes along with its own mix of benefits and drawbacks. For many, co-working spaces are the best solution to balance remote work with the traditional office atmosphere. But that doesn’t mean co-working is always perfect.

For some people, the relative freedom combined with numerous potential distractions can threaten productivity. These tips can help you stay productive in co-working spaces.

Create a list. Before heading to your co-working space, make a to-do list of tasks you need to accomplish that day. You don’t have a boss there to oversee you and issue reminders, so you’re responsible for getting things done in a timely fashion.

Don’t try to multitask. It’s actually counter-productive, because often you make progress toward several tasks without completing a single one. Plus, quality can suffer. Make an effort to focus on completing one task at a time and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing each one off of your list.

Do the hardest things first. Complete your most challenging tasks, or those that are most pressing, first thing in the morning. Motivation tends to wane after lunchtime, so that’s the perfect opportunity to complete easier items from your to-do list.

Work in increments. If you sit down to work for 8 hours straight, you risk burnout. That’s just as damaging to your work as distractions can be. The benefit of independent work is that you can take short breaks for a brisk walk, make personal phone calls, or something else that breaks up your day and prevents boredom.

Tidy up at the end of the day. At the end of each workday, tidy up your workspace. When you arrive the following morning, you will be welcomed by a clean and organized space. This should feel refreshing and motivating.

And of course, choosing the right co-working space is perhaps most important of all! Come tour our new location, and take one of our cozy, private work pods for a “test drive.” We think you’ll be impressed at the convenience and comfort we offer to remote workers.

Parlay Cafe is a unique hybrid of the coffee shop and co-working space that offers hourly, daily and monthly plans. Come tour our new location at 31754 Temecula Pkwy, Suite A in Temecula, CA and see what we have to offer! Let’s continue to grow together.