In the wake of all the changes brought by the pandemic, something called the Great Resignation is shaking things up on both a micro and macro level. Businesses say that workers who went home during the shutdowns have expressed reluctance to return to the office. Some have already quit and moved on to seek greener pastures. And still others continue to slog through long commutes, dreaming of joining the ranks of those who have resigned.

Whether you’ve already participated in the Great Resignation, or are just now beginning to consider it, you might be happy to know that opportunities abound for those who seek a change. Do any of the following characteristics sound familiar to you?

  • You wish for a better work-life balance
  • You want more control over your time and schedule
  • You want to work more remotely, at least some of the time
  • You hope for a better work environment
  • You seek better compensation
  • You want to try something new
  • You dream of owning your own business

If you found yourself nodding your head in agreement as you read the above list, then you might be the ideal candidate to open your own franchise business.

Building your own business from the ground up can be a daunting task. But with a franchise, a lot of the upfront work has already been done for you. The company has already been branded, a target audience has identified with the business, and the business has demonstrated success. All you have to do is join in!

Opening a franchise can also present lower risk for the hesitant new business owner. You can continue to work your current job while starting your own business. And because a turn-key business offers numerous supports, such as help with training employees and marketing the new location, you won’t have to go it alone. Help is available at every step of the process, to assist you in making your new venture a success.

Best of all, Parlay Cafe is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the numerous changes we’ve all witnessed in the ways we live and work. As the trend of remote work continues to expand, your Parlay Cafe franchise location will serve a growing need in your community. Fill that niche in your local market, and loyal customers will thank you with their support.

Contact us to learn more about opening your own franchise, becoming your own boss, and building the new career of your dreams.