One of the best aspects of investing your own money is the freedom you have to adopt any investment philosophy that works for you. Everyone wants to make money on their investments, but beyond that premise is a wide-open field. 

The reasons why you might choose to invest in a private company, such as Parlay Café, on WeFunder, or other equity crowdfunding platforms will always reflect your personal goals, values, and the market opportunity. 

We all know that COVID has drastically changed the world as it is, especially the workforce. 

At least fifty million more people are now working from home, and they are itching to get out of their home offices at least part of the time. 

We created Parlay Café specifically to be a haven for those who work remotely during and beyond this pandemic. 

You see, we’re not your traditional co-working space. 

We’re different in many ways and our business model puts us at a unique advantage to potentially take a large share of the market as traditional co-working spaces decline. We encourage you to read about those specifics in our pitch deck on WeFunder. 

Our mission and vision is to open 1,000 stores in the next ten years so we could be a haven for those who are either traveling or working remotely. 

The only way we can make this vision a reality is with you.

There are many reasons why you’d be interested in investing with us, such as:

  • We’re a “haven” for home-based workers who need an escape from the home office.
  • We have a members-only lounge designed for social distancing with safe, luxurious spaces to work or relax.
  • Parlay has three revenue streams including food and beverage, membership and day passes, and conference room rental.
  • Our fast-growth franchise is projected to open 1,000 locations in ten years or less.
  • We’re a unique concept positioned to thrive in the “new normal.”

We believe that in addition to the reasons above, Paraly is a unique investment opportunity and business model that will not only pique your interest, but also potentially position your portfolio for an enjoyable return on investment.: 

Parlay’s Leadership is Next to None

Often, people will choose to invest in a company because they have confidence in the management team’s business acumen or passion. 

Our CEO and Founder, Don Mastrangelo, is a serial entrepreneur who has had previous successful exits resulting in excellent returns for investors. Believing in the impact that Parlay Café will have on our society, Don has invested over $450,000 of his own capital into the business. 

One of our investors, Cass Morgan, states, “I’ve known Don for over three decades. He has been a respected business confident and trusted friend. His marketing strategies and understanding of business aided in the success of my Mechanical Contracting company, which I sold in 1998. Don is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur. I am enthusiastic to participate in his vision as both an investor and a possible franchise owner. Go get em’ Don !!!” 

Some notable milestones our team has achieved so far: 

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We’re Spearheading the Remote Working Era During COVID

Millions of companies had already been considering gradually phasing out expensive offices in favor of remote workers in the next ten years. Check out some of these articles that are showcasing the transition to permanent remote working: 

Parlay Café is specifically catering to people who work from home where the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated our opportunity, as it’s clear that many companies with millions of workers have experienced little to no decline in productivity and now plan to keep workers in their home offices.

The Parlay Café concept is based on the premise that as workers continue to shift from conventional to home offices, they will desire and need a place away from the home office to occasionally work, meet with clients, and conduct interviews in a cost-effective and convenient way—something that traditional co-working spaces do not provide. 

Trust us when we say our CEO Don has done it all to ensure Parlay Café will thrive during and long after the pandemic fades. 

We’re Parlay Café, and There’s Nobody Like Us

Parlay Café stands on top of the mountain all by ourselves! 

There are no direct competitors for this concept. There are competitors in the coffee space, and there are competitors in the coworking space, but there aren’t any competitors doing what we do. Certainly not in the franchising space where we’re filling that niche and being a hybrid of the two,” Don states as he describes how Parlay Café is the sole leader in the industry. 

As an incoming investor, you will be investing in a fresh new concept that no one has successfully executed until now.  

We’re a successfully proven concept that broke even within the first five months and we’re on a mission to dominate the market—what investor doesn’t like to be an early-bird to an opportunity like this? 

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Our Future is Bright,  But The Future For Early Bird Investors is Brighter

Our three year goal is to open as many main stores and franchises as possible. Our target is 1,000 locations in as many cities as possible. 

Within the next three to five years we expect a liquidation event, meaning we expect to be acquired by a private equity firm or a large industry competitor while growing rapidly so our investors receive their payback with multipliers. 

Investing in Parlay Café today allows for a stronger return on investment tomorrow.

As an early investor you will have the opportunity to partake in the early bird phase, which is being part of the first $100K invested into Parlay Café. The early bird phase includes: 

  • At a liquidation event the stock purchase price is discounted by 20%.
  • An investment of $250 or more will get an ongoing 15% discount at any location, product, or service
  • An investment of $500 or more will get a one month free membership that can be used at any location
  • An investment of $2,500 or more will get a free one year membership.

Become a Parlay Café Investor! 

We have successfully filled the niche between the coffee shop and co-working space and believe we’ve come up with the perfect concept that is positioned to explode as a result of the pandemic.

Parlay Café solves a problem for 50 million people who are desperately looking for our solution now! 

We’re passionate about helping those who want to get out of the house to work and relax, and we are looking for investors who are ready to hit the floor running with Parlay Café. 

We hope we’ve convinced you to invest in Parlay Café to join our mission to provide a better place for Digital Nomads to Work, Meet or Relax. 

If you want to hear more about our investment opportunity or to even learn more about Parlay Café, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

We’d love to hear from you and give you more information to help you make the best decision.