Look around and it seems as though the local workforce is disappearing. Where are they all going? According to a recent survey by online freelance platform Upwork, 20 percent of employed workers are considering a switch to freelance work!

That would equal about 10 million new freelancers if they do join the ranks of the 57 million already working independently.

It’s not difficult to imagine why millions of workers would consider a switch to freelance work: Many of us long for more freedom, a flexible schedule, and control over our work habits. And of course, the pandemic demonstrated the value of flexible, remote work environments for both employers and employees.

This trend does not equal the death of larger employers, however. Those that wish to adapt and survive will simply add more contract workers to their payrolls. The change offers greater flexibility to workers, but a deeper talent pool to employers. Those who embrace the change are set to thrive.

Another way to embrace the change by hopping onboard with businesses that dovetail with the freelance industry. Those millions of remote, freelance workers will require support services in various forms. Flexible, accessible workspaces provide occasional or even regular assistance to those seeking work environments while traveling. Strong, secure internet connections bring welcome relief to those who require a “home” away from the home office.

Whether the remote worker requires a private work pod or a large, tech-equipped meeting room, Parlay Cafe can serve as the hub of freelancers in your city. Memberships are designed to be flexible. In order to accommodate needs as they change.

With ten million new freelancers poised to flood the remote job market, a business-like Parlay Cafe is poised to stay ahead of the trend. For those seeking a viable business opportunity, now is the time to strike. Contact us to learn more about Parlay Cafe franchise opportunities.