Co-working spaces provide the right balance between the freedom of remote work and the loneliness and monotony that can come with it. But the vigorous social atmosphere of a co-working space can sometimes become another form of distraction. Here’s how you can stay focused and maximize productivity when sharing working space with others.

Choose the right setup. Co-working spaces are not all about “hot desking” (a busy, often loud, and open floor plan with unassigned desks). Co-working spaces can look that way but can also mean individual office spaces with shared common areas. Or they can be small meeting rooms, large conference rooms, and everything in between.

The point is to choose a setup that provides you with enough privacy and space to get work done effectively, while also providing adequate social interaction or other amenities that support your work.

Create a schedule. All types of remote work provide a sense of freedom that must be balanced by commitment to a schedule. Otherwise procrastination can take over and quickly sidetrack you. Operating within a co-working space is no different.

Remove distractions. Distractions are a problem no matter where you work, so co-working spaces are no different. Turn off your phone app notifications, bring noise-canceling headphones or earbuds, and otherwise remove any distractions that will interrupt your focus.

Take regular, scheduled breaks. We all perform better when we are allowed to mentally and physically recharge. Take breaks to get up and stretch, move around, have a snack, or chat with another co-worker in a common area.

Take advantage of the social aspect of co-working spaces. While too much chat can serve as a distraction, a little social interaction can boost creativity and mood. Take an interest in others’ projects, because sharing ideas can give you a different perspective on your own work.

Protect your mental health. Flexible work schedules and locations are a prime benefit of remote work. Arrange your use of a co-working space around your gym time, morning walk, counseling appointments, or other activities that support your mental health. Happy workers are healthier, more productive workers.

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