Are you ready to head back to the office? Is there even going to be an office anymore? Personal opinions aside, the National Association for Business Economics recently sought to determine the future of remote work by asking the companies themselves. And the results might surprise you.

About 65 percent of companies allowed most or all of their employees to work from home in the past year. About half of those say that the policy will continue through 2021. And only eleven percent of companies said that they expect all of their employees to return to the office!

In other words, that translates into about 90 percent of companies who will still allow at least some of their employees to work remotely, well into the future.

The situation has become a balancing act for business managers. Both states and individual municipalities impose their own regulations regarding reopening. Even in areas that are mostly open, building capacity might present a challenge. Elderly workers, those with certain medical conditions, or those who are immune compromised might be particularly reluctant to return to crowded office settings.

And then, of course, the situation with schools and daycares adds another complicating layer to the equation. With many students still learning remotely, and some daycares closed or working under restrictive capacity limits, parents often face tough choices with regard to their careers. Offering remote work options is one way many companies are able to remain fully staffed, or to recruit new talent.

In many cases, both employers and employees simply prefer the change. Companies face lower overhead expenses, and workers appreciate the savings of time and money once spent on long commutes.

Yet, many do report lingering concerns over the nature of remote work. Employees worry that without at least occasional face-to-face interactions, co-worker relationships will suffer. Some express concern over their ability to advance within the company. Co-working spaces have emerged as an answer to these problems. While there is no need to commute to an office every day, flexible meeting spaces are meeting the demand for occasional in-person collaboration.

This is exciting news for Parlay Cafe and our franchisees. As 2021 continues to promise further shake-ups in the traditional office model, now is the time to jump on board with a new way of conducting business. Our facilities support both individual remote workers as well as small and large companies who require periodic co-working spaces. Come tour our facility and see for yourself how we’re perfectly positioned to meet a growing need in the business community.

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