If you’re feeling like the business world is totally shaken up right now, you’re right! Businesses of all types are restructuring in response to changing societal values and health-related practices. In addition to that, many new businesses are opening up to cater to a very specific brand of consumer.

All of our preconceived notions have been challenged in the past year, and many of us are learning to live and work in very different ways. In addition to all of that, some of us have completely uprooted ourselves and relocated to new geographic areas. These “migrations” create demand in cities where new residents are settling in and finding their groove.

For example, the remote work trend has increased demand for coworking spaces, opening up an enormous and valuable market for would-be entrepreneurs. It’s a “strike while the iron is hot” type of situation out there, especially in certain cities where the culture is rapidly changing.

While a Parlay Café will thrive in almost any neighborhood or city, here are just a few markets that are experiencing booming economies and expanding populations:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Prescott, Arizona
  • Southern California
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Bay Area, California
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Atlanta, Georgia

These areas are just examples of hot markets right now, and certainly many other areas would also provide ideal environments for a Parlay Café franchise. Low unemployment, a strong remote workforce, and thriving real estate markets are just some of the metrics you might consider when evaluating a location. A city’s overall culture, diversity, and tourist population might also contribute to your decision.

With our hybrid café and co-working model, Parlay Cafe is poised to take advantage of all of these changing values. In particular, we provide a critical resource to remote workers and travelers, along with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and gig economy workers.

If you’re interested in opening a Parlay Cafe franchise, contact us! We can help you determine if your city might provide just the right atmosphere to launch this unique concept.