If you are in the market for opening a new business, we highly recommend considering opening a franchise with an existing business. 

There are many benefits of franchising, such as: 

  • Your chances of failure are much lower
  • You receive business assistance
  • You will have stronger buying power
  • Your return on investment is potentially higher than owning a non-franchised business
  • You get access to an audience of loyal customers

Our CEO and founder, Don Mastrangelo realized that franchising was a way to not only to help aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams, but that it was an incredible way to spread the impact we’re striving to make at Parlay Café. 

We’re excited to announce that Parlay Café has received FDD approval, which means our doors are open to ambitious entrepreneurs who want a taste of business success without taking on the entire risk of founding, running, and scaling a business. 

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At Parlay Café, we fill a specific niche that intertwines the coffee shop and local co-working space. Since we’re designed to be COVID friendly, our concept is destined to thrive in the post-pandemic era. We believe there are countless opportunities for entrepreneurs to gain success and notoriety as a franchisee. Here’s why we believe opening a franchise with Parlay Cafe could be your best next business venture: 

We’re Offering a Fresh New Idea Designed to Thrive in the COVID Environment

COVID is killing the co-working space, which has seen huge market declines since social distancing. 

Ultimately, this decline is due to a lack of appropriate spaces closely located to those who’d be interested in leaving their home-office for a much needed change in scenery. In addition, these spaces were not adequately designed to appropriately follow CDC social distancing guidelines. 

We’re proud to say, we’re not your traditional co-working space. 

In fact, Parlay Café is designed to thrive in and after COVID.

Imagine a coffee shop combined with a coworking lounge designed to be COVID friendly—that’s what we do. 

Stop anytime in our coffee shop for a beverage or a quick bite to eat. Need a quiet space to work, relax, or meet up with a colleague or team? Then buy a pass into our members-only lounge to enjoy our comfortable, but practical working space that has plenty of plugs and blazing wifi. 

Our founder and CEO, Don Mastrangelo, states, “Parlay Cafe is an opportunity for these new remote workers who won’t be returning to the office anytime soon but need a space outside of their homes to be productive or even get away. Parlay will be the haven for this community that has rapidly grown due to COVID.” 

Due to the pandemic, 50 million people are now working from home permanently, and the demand is enormous for spaces like Parlay Café.  In Japan, a Starbucks has been remodeled to include a “SMART LOUNGE™” with work and lounge spaces, proving that newly remote, flexible workers are looking for a fresh environment to work, meet and relax.

Like Japan’s Starbucks, Parlay Café is poised to accommodate this community right now, and with our franchise model, we’re positioned to expand rapidly into the places that need a Parlay Cafe the most. 

“Franchising makes it possible for us as a parent company to get a lot of locations up and running very quickly, but it also gives us the ability to share the opportunity with hundreds of people as individual franchisees, rather than a corporation like Starbucks, which owns them all,” Don states as he explains the benefits of franchising.

We want to emphasize that we designed our café and working space to keep our communities safe and healthy. Our entire design follows CDC social distancing guidelines, we have a biometric temperature check to get into the lounge, our espresso bar is entirely protected by glass – our baristas even use a special tool (the Lid Grabber) to put your lids on your coffee without touching them with their hands!

In other words you could say we’re a COVID-SAFE cafe and co-working space! 

Besides the Starbucks in Japan, not many other cafes or co-working spaces have adopted our model yet. Thus, this is the perfect opportunity to become a part of a business that is prepared to rapidly scale, and create a space in your town that people are desperately craving right now. 

You Get To Collaborate With Our Notable Leadership Team 

Opening a franchise with Parlay Café, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a proven organization. A franchise will be your own, but you will have access to the resources needed to hit the ground running, including:

  • Group advertising resources
  • Lower operational costs
  • Higher employee motivation
  • Proven branding, trademarks, proprietary methods and practices.
  • Shared customer awareness and product quality/uniformity
  • Active support in financing, accounting, operating procedures, and employee training
  • Development of managerial abilities
  • Ongoing development plans to increase growth
  • Lower risk of failure

On top of everything, as a franchisor you will get a tremendous amount of training, because we want to set you up for absolute success. 

You can expect a week of training at our Temecula, CA location to learn hands-on how a Parlay Café operates. From there you’ll receive another week of training at your location to get your store up and running!

In addition, you’ll be able to tap into our vast network of connections to make sure you have the partnerships and support to take your cafe to the highest levels of performance. 

Become a Parlay Café Franchisee! 

We have successfully filled the niche between the coffee shop and co-working space, we believe we’ve come up with the perfect concept! 

We’re passionate about helping those who want to get out of the house to work and relax, during and after these unprecedented times. Moreover, we’re excited about franchising so we can bring a Parlay Café near everyone soon! 

We hope we’ve convinced you to reach out to us to learn more about our franchise opportunity. 

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and give you more information to help you make the best decision.