On this episode of Franchise Insider, Don Mastrangelo called in to explain the concept behind Parlay Cafe. Don explained the light bulb moment that inspired our business model and described how he turned that idea into reality.

While traveling a few years ago, Don recognized a need that was surfacing in the market. Those who travel and work remotely often need to retreat to a quiet spot with secure Wifi, in order to catch up on necessary tasks. And yet, at that point in time no business was stepping forward to fully provide for this need. Don realized that his situation was not unique, and that many other travelers and remote workers have the exact same needs.

And then, a difficult situation for all of us provided the perfect timing for growth. About one year after opening the first Parlay Cafe location, the pandemic shut down businesses across the country. About fifty million people were suddenly working from home, and as we all know, that trend has continued to this day. The pandemic simply accelerated what was already a growing need, providing Parlay Cafe franchise owners a springboard to quick success.

Don then went on to explain how Parlay Cafe goes beyond the typical coffee shop model, pulling in three different streams of income in one location.

Check out Don’s interview on Franchise Insider to hear more about what Parlay Cafe has to offer a rapidly growing market, and what the franchise opportunity can offer to new business owners.