You’re on the go, traveling the country and working remotely… Can’t you just stop into any coffee shop with a decent WiFi connection, set up your laptop, and get down to business? Well, not really. There are plenty of reasons that you can and should seek out a dedicated workspace like Parlay Cafe. We’re so much more than just a coffee shop, and here’s why.

A quiet setting. Parlay Cafe is specifically designed to serve more than coffee. We serve as a quiet, dedicated workspace with fewer distractions than your average coffee shop. Sure, you could get lucky at any old spot… Or you could be plagued with loud music, disorderly children, large crowds of patrons, slow internet, or a lack of comfortable spots to work.

Parlay Cafe is specifically designed to avoid all of those common complications, so that we can serve our target demographic best. And that’s why remote workers come to us for a quiet setting with fewer distractions than your average coffee cafe.

Space for private phone calls. No one wants to conduct business with the general public lingering about, hearing all the details and potentially providing background noise. A crying baby or loud table of “Chatty Cathys” is hardly the background noise you want clients to hear. Parlay Cafe provides private work pods so that phone calls can be conducted in complete privacy.

A secure internet connection. Most cafes and public locations offer WiFi connections that are completely open. This sounds nice until you’re the victim of malware or some other malfeasance. At Parlay Cafe our WiFi connections are geared toward professionals; it’s private and secure, and you can feel confident using it.

Private meeting rooms. If you meet a client or coworker anywhere else, you might deal with lack of space, background noise, and violations of your privacy. Parlay Cafe provides private meeting rooms so that you can meet up in private, enjoy a quiet, confidential atmosphere, and take your time without worries of any interference.

Comfortable seating. Most coffee shops and cafes are designed for the customer who stops in for a quick cup of coffee or snack. They don’t expect you to sit for several hours, and their accommodations aren’t designed for that. But at Parlay Cafe we design everything from our private work pods to our large conference rooms with comfort in mind. We know you’re stopping by for several hours, or even all day, and we want you to be comfortable while you work.

Doesn’t Parlay Cafe sound like the “home office away from home” that you’ve been searching for? For more information, simply stop by one of our locations for a tour. We’ll show you how a membership works, and what you can expect from our expanding chain of convenient remote work locations.