Parlay Café announced a $1,070,000 public offering to ignite its franchising program and open additional company owned units in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don Mastrangelo, the Founder and CEO of Parlay Café and the visionary behind the concept stated “It has been just over a year since we opened our proof-of-concept Parlay Cafe to fill the gap between the local coffee shop and co-working space. How could we have known a pandemic would fast-forward our opportunity by ten years?”

Parlay, Inc. filed a Crowdfunding Reg CF offering with the SEC, which allows anyone to invest in the Parlay Café concept with as little as $250.00 through its Crowdfunding Portal.

In March 2020 49 Million workers suddenly were forced to transition to a “work from home” environment. Thousands of companies had already been considering gradually phasing out expensive offices in favor of home offices by 2030. Parlay Café caters to people who work from home, and the Covid-19 Pandemic has accelerated their opportunity, as it has become clear that many companies with millions of workers have experienced no decline in productivity and now plan to reduce corporate overhead and keep workers in their home offices.

The Parlay Cafe concept is based on the premise that as workers shift from conventional to home offices they will be searching for a place away from the home office to occasionally work, relax, meet with clients, conduct interviews etc. Parlay Cafe franchisees will be providing a much-needed haven for these new home-based workers

When asked why the company chose Crowdfunding Don answered “As we open this amazing concept to potential franchisees worldwide, we want our fans, members, customers, and employees to be our owners. So many of them have expressed an interest to be part of it – that’s why we decided to partner with Wefunder – they are kind of like Kickstarter, but for investing instead. You can buy a small part of Parlay Cafe; if we do well, so will you.”

Accredited Investors can invest directly through the portal, or for larger amounts can utilize a Concurrent Reg D or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with the same terms.


Don Mastrangelo
Owner, Parlay Café



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