It seems as though everyone is hiring right now. As companies focus on attracting new employees and retaining current ones, research firms are eager to do some of the legwork for them. And what they’ve found might surprise you. For many, remote work is no longer an interesting option. It’s a necessity.

Recent Research from LiveCareer found that many workers are less than eager to return to “regular” office life. In fact, 30 percent said they would quit their jobs if remote work was no longer an option! And a full two thirds of respondents say that they prefer to only work for companies that offer remote work as an option.

Those numbers could translate into a retention and hiring nightmare. Not only are one third of employees willing to walk away if remote work is discontinued; two thirds of the workforce might decline an offer of employment and look elsewhere for a more flexible arrangement.

And for those who must go back to the office, LiveCareer investigated flexibility preferences. Asked how often they’d prefer to be in the office, 30 percent said three days per week, 25 percent said two days per week, and 19 percent said one day per week. Therefore, many companies would do well to consider a flexible approach, allowing employees to work remotely at least part of the time.

Along with more flexible scheduling, employees cited a more casual dress code and more social time with coworkers as powerful incentives that might motivate them to return to the office at least part-time.

It’s clear that remote work, at least on a part-time basis, is here to stay. And as the trend continues, the market is set to provide answers to common challenges. We believe Parlay Cafe is ideally positioned to take full advantage of the shift to remote work, by providing much-needed space for solo work, meetings, group collaboration and conferences.

Come take a tour and see what Parlay Cafe has to offer to the growing force of remote workers. And more importantly, check out what our unique business model has to offer for our franchisees!