Socrates once stated, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Although more than 2,000 years old, the quote still resonates today.

The past few years have been all about change, and most of us have learned that fighting change of this magnitude is futile. Even better, wise and enthusiastic adaptation might even allow us to transform change into opportunity.

That brings us to the topic of remote work. One of the most sweeping changes we’ve witnessed in the past two years, remote work was not simply a temporary adaptation to a stressful situation. Data says that remote work is not only here to stay; the trend continues to grow. By the end of 2022, analysts predict that 25 percent of all professional jobs will be remote, and the trend will continue to grow throughout 2023!

The reasoning behind the remote work trend is based in diverse, sound logic:

  • Employees are happier with remote work
  • Happy workers equals greater productivity
  • Greater productivity pleases employers
  • Employers know that remote work aids in worker retention and recruiting
  • Everyone saves money – on commuting, for the employee, and costs associated with maintaining large offices, for the employer

With so many benefits, and few (if any) drawbacks, there is no reason for the remote work trend to reverse course now. And that means incredible opportunity for those ready and eager to harness the trend within their own business ventures.

In this context, that means support services. Remote work doesn’t always equal working from home, on the couch, wearing pajamas. Professionals still need tech-enabled meeting rooms at times. Individuals often require quiet retreats, equipped with high-speed internet, to conduct work away from home and family. Travelers need a spot to rest, recharge, and check in with headquarters. And almost everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee.

And that’s where Parlay Cafe comes into the picture. With the remote work trend not only here to stay, but growing rapidly, new franchise owners will be perfectly positioned to jump on board with these exciting, society-wide changes. More importantly, you can be part of building “the new” for everyone, while also building success for yourself. Contact us to learn more about our franchise opportunity and embrace an exciting future for us all.