If someone had told us at the beginning of last year that by the beginning of 2021, 42 percent of Americans would be working from home, no one would have believed them. And yet, according to data released by Stanford University, that is exactly the case today.

The trend was already in motion prior to 2020, but the pandemic certainly accelerated things. Workers had been asking for more flexible work arrangements and work-from-home options for several years, but factors such as lacking infrastructure and productivity concerns held many companies back from expanding in this way.

Once the pandemic forced their hand, most found that productivity was not negatively affected. More importantly, many employees appreciated the switch! That’s why experts predict that remote work is here to stay, a fact that affords a well-timed opportunity for Parlay Café franchisees.

Here’s the list of the top 6 remote working trends this year…

More employees will work from home in 2021. Large companies such as Facebook are allowing employees to stay home until at least July of this year. If current estimates, regarding increased productivity and rising profits hold true, then remote work will likely become a permanent option. Other companies will likely echo this move, if they haven’t already.

Home office renovations will continue. In response to increased work-from-home options, more homeowners are revamping their homes to accommodate work space. Home improvement stores reported soaring profits this past summer, in part due to this trend.

Workers will continue to save money… And spend it elsewhere.  In the United States alone, costs associated with commuting contribute $758 million per day to the economy. Instead of gas, tolls, parking fees, work clothing, lunches out and more, workers will spend that money in different ways. This year we will witness a revamping of the economy.

Investment in technology will grow. Remote work requires a more reliable and varied technology infrastructure. Profits in these sectors, such as internet providers, mobile services, software development, and apps, will continue to soar.

Side jobs will become more common. With fewer hours spent commuting, many workers find themselves able to pursue side hustles. Those already working from home might devote themselves to secondary jobs like online sales, consulting, or monetizing content on platforms like YouTube.

Support services will be needed. Even the most enthusiastic remote workers need some time away from home, and occasionally require meeting spaces as well. A business model like Parlay Cafe is perfectly poised to take advantage of a ripe market, providing a much-needed service at a time when the need has never been greater.

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Don Mastrangelo
Owner, Parlay Café