As Americans all over the country head back to work, morning traffic isn’t what it used to be. That’s because, even though many states are now open for business, quite a few remote workers are sticking close to home for now. While some industries such as hospitality or construction require workers to be present on site, many others (like insurance and financial services) have yet to recall employees to the office.

Experts say the trend toward remote work will likely continue into the near or even distant future. Employers aren’t necessarily ready to bring workers back into the office, due to the following factors.

Risk. Simply put, there is still so much that we don’t yet know. As we wait on reliable and widespread coronavirus testing, larger companies are reluctant to put employees at undue risk. In the meantime, executives are revamping workplace policies to hopefully encourage safer work practices when job sites do reopen.

Lack of childcare. With daycares, schools, and summer camps still closed in many locations, workers have expressed frustration at the prospect of juggling childcare and work. The prospect of hiring private sitters seems a remote and potentially unsafe possibility for many.

Worker preference. Many of those who have switched to remote work report higher levels of job satisfaction and/or an increased sense of safety. Some workers have expressed reluctance to once again face lengthy commutes and the unsanitary conditions of public transit. Others, especially those living with immune-compromised family members, simply don’t want to take the risk of getting sick.

Investment. Many employers invested plenty of resources and money while transitioning to a remote work platform. Some view remote work as a shift toward a more sustainable and satisfying way of life, and feel it should become yet another part of the “new normal”.

Need an occasional break from your home office?  With remote work set to continue for some time into the future, it’s time to consider your options. While a long commute and bustling office may not be advisable at this time, you might sometimes need or desire to work away from home. Come check out the Members Lounge at Parlay Cafe, and get some work done in style while you enjoy your favorite beverage from our espresso bar!


Don Mastrangelo
Owner, Parlay Café