Starting and running your own business offers an abundance of benefits, but also requires a plethora of diverse talents and experience to succeed. An individual or even a group can be hard pressed to develop all of those factors simultaneously in order to meet with success. A franchise offers a “short cut” to starting a business, by allowing the aspiring business owner to buy into a proven operational model.

If these factors matter to you, then consider the franchise model…

Take advantage of a framework that is already built. At the very outset of developing a business, an owner must.

  • Analyze the customer base and create a marketing plan
  • Develop a strategy for daily operations and accounting
  • Conduct extensive research on technology, regulations, insurance, and more

With a franchise, much of these details have already been researched and developed, saving the prospective owner time and energy at the outset.

Collaborate with a proven organization. Each franchise is independently owned and managed, but all owners benefit from the collaborative organization behind them. The franchisor offers extensive support and oversight including

  • Group advertising resources
  • Lower operational costs
  • Higher employee motivation
  • Proven branding, trademarks, patents, proprietary information, etc
  • Shared customer awareness and product quality/uniformity
  • Training by successful operators
  • Operational support in financing, accounting, operational procedures and employee training
  • Development of managerial abilities
  • Ongoing development plans to increase growth
  • Lower risk of failure

A better chance of success. Years of government research, from the US Department of Commerce among others, shows that franchise-owned businesses stand a significantly greater chance of succeeding than non-franchise small businesses. The business model is flourishing within the economy, with over one third of retail sales coming from franchise businesses.

Enjoy greater freedom. Running a business can feel consuming no matter what. But with the franchise model simplifying so many processes, and reducing the amount of decisions to make and hoops to jump, the owner enjoys a streamlined process that allows for more free time and energy.

Happiness is priceless… But can increase profits. When owners align themselves with a business model that fits their vision, they experience greater satisfaction in their chosen path. Happiness contributes to productivity, which leads to increased profits, which in turn boosts satisfaction. And the cycle continues!

Parlay Cafe offers all of this and more through our new franchising opportunity! Is opening a Parlay Café in your future?  Contact us to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

Don Mastrangelo
Owner, Parlay Café