Productivity Pointers

Tabli Chrome extension

Are you a tab hoarder? Got lots of tabs open on your computer all the time? Wikipedia windows everywhere reflecting way too many half-plumbed rabbit holes? Get the Tabli Chrome extension, a control module that organizes your tabs by category: work projects, personal, to do, to view, etc.

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb — forever

Your notifications are still there… lurking on your home screen… they just can’t interrupt your day like they do now.

Use your iPhone timer.

It comes preinstalled on iPhones… it’s the clock. Use the app to set timers for 20 minutes, and then force yourself to focus on a single task until the alarm goes off. Afterward, give yourself a five-minute break.

[courtesy of Wired;]

BTW, the most productive day of the workweek is Tuesday. But you knew that.

They Way We Work is Changing

For many years, virtual office companies provided small business people a way to have a semi-permanent office away from home. As business requirements have transformed over the last few years, small business professionals have evolved away from dedicated space arrangements and their associated contracts. More and more, small business people prefer to be nimble in both where and how they work. The wave of the future is ala carte workspace options where business professionals come and go… with no contracts required.

Because 70% of small businesses are owned and operated by a single person, it’s becoming increasingly preferable to work and meet in non-contractual, unencumbered venues.

Why Parlay?

At Parlay Café, you’ll always work, meet and gather on your terms, on your schedule with unprecedented flexibility. Come and go. Try a Day Pass for $10. Get a Monthly Pass for $95. A few hours, one day a week or five (or seven). No contracts to feel obligated to. Stretch your legs. Access the Promenade Temecula Mall, part of the Parlay Café ecosystem. Run an errand; buy a gift. Grab a bite at one of the Mall’s 25 eating establishments. Then settle back into work.

And there’s always fresh air on the Parlay patio!

Fun Factoids

This is the longest straight-line walk you can take without hitting an ocean (courtesy of Amazing Maps)