Smart business owners know that keeping an eye on trends is the key to staying ahead of consumer interests and demands. When you do that, you can provide what the market wants and reap the rewards of a profitable business. With regard to franchising, you might wonder whether this business model will remain relevant and profitable for years to come. What does the future of franchising look like?

We have some good news: The future of franchising looks brighter than ever. Thanks in large part to the pandemic and shifts in our global culture, more people than ever are transitioning away from typical employment models. They’re looking toward self-employment and small business ownership goals, rather than commuting to large companies and slaving away in cubicles.

Opening a franchise business is viewed as less risky than starting from scratch, because the business is already developed, researched, and branded. Research shows that 92 percent of these turn-key operations are still in business after two years, and 85 percent are still going after five years.

By contrast, 25 percent of independent businesses fail in the first two years, and 50 percent fail within five years.

For those looking for new opportunities in the post-pandemic world, franchising presents a promising opportunity that is lower-risk and potentially higher-reward than other forms of employment. Franchise owners can enjoy all of the benefits of business ownership, but with less risk than they might otherwise face.

And since self-employment and small businesses have become increasingly appealing at this time, a franchise that supports the needs of these individuals is perfectly positioned to succeed. Contact us about our franchising opportunities through Parlay Cafe, and you’ll see that our business model is ideally suited to the changing culture of employment.