Looking toward the future, it appears that in many industries the typical 9-to-5 office will become a relic of the past. More and more of us are working independent of a typical office setting, whether from home or “on the go” in various locations. Still, you will need some of the typical trappings of office life as you take your livelihood on the road.

1. A Laptop or Tablet that Suits Your Needs 

For many professionals, a tablet with the right apps is all they need to conduct business remotely. If you do a lot of typing, or need functions that are exclusive to a more high-powered device, a laptop might be the way to go.


  • Weight of the device
  • Necessary accessories
  • Memory and processing speed needed
  • Battery life (and access to charging outlets

2. Data Security 

For home use, a portable drive can be invaluable. But backing up data to a cloud is recommended also (especially if you intend to travel with that portable drive, and risk losing it). Using a cloud for your data could also mean one less thing you absolutely must lug around, and in the event of a device failure it can save you valuable hours or days.

3. Internet

An unstable connection will create disruptions and delays, whereas an insecure connection could put your private information at risk. A stable and secure internet connection is absolutely mandatory, no matter where you go. Hotel and restaurant Wi-fi is not always dependable, so you might consider purchasing your own hotspot. At the very least, research your intended work locations so that you don’t put yourself at risk.

4. A Schedule

Working “out of the office” looks like a fun and carefree lifestyle from the outside. But if you abandon all aspects of office life, you might find that your productivity drops and life becomes chaotic. Establishing – and sticking to – a regular schedule will keep those problems at bay.

5. The Right Bag

The right bag is essential to comfortably carrying your “office” with you, but fashion follows necessity as well. Few people carry a briefcase anymore; laptop bags and backpacks are the new norm. Choose a bag that has room for all of your accessories, features divided compartments to keep you organized, and has wide, comfortable straps to prevent backaches.

6. An “Office”

Just because you don’t spend eight hours per day in an assigned office, doesn’t mean you never need an office-like environment. You will need a comfortable, private spot to conduct phone calls, hold meetings, or simply break out of the work-from-home rut. A flexible office space can also be a lifesaver during times of power outage or internet interruptions at home.

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Written by Don Mastrangelo, Owner, Parlay Café