It has been just over a year since we opened our proof-of-concept Parlay Cafe in Temecula, California.  If you are not aware of the concept, Parlay Café is a coffee shop with a Members Only Co-Working Lounge (with Social Distancing). It has been a great success, and while the recent pandemic has been devastating for many – Covid-19 has fast-forwarded the Parlay Cafe opportunity by at least ten years:

49 million workers are suddenly working from home, and are likely to stay that way.  They are desperate to find a haven away from the home office where they can recharge and get some real work done in an upscale, comfortable and business friendly environment.  This will only continue to grow in the coming months and years.  

Today I want to tell you about two BIG developments:

1. We are offering ownership to Small Investors! ($250.00 minimum)

2. We are Franchising!

Invest in Parlay Café:  In the past, only accredited investors contributing at least $25,000 could invest in something like this – but now with the new Crowdfunding Reg CF anyone can be an Angel Investor with as little as $250.00.  I have personally invested over $450,000 of my own cash in Parlay Café, and I’m excited to share this opportunity with anyone who has passion for the concept!  If you know anyone who often talks about wanting to invest in and be part of a start-up please forward this e-mail or this link:

We have filed a Reg CF investment opportunity with the SEC to raise between $50,000 and $1,000,000 over the next twelve months in return for an equity (ownership) position in Parlay, Inc., which owns our franchising opportunity and also our current and future company stores.

The platform is live now for friends, family, customers and fans with preferred terms – then goes live to the public in a few weeks.  Here is a note from Wefunder, the portal that is helping us manage this:

Friends, family, and customers are allowed to invest before the general public. Early investors have a better shot at getting early bird perks, which can include better financial terms. Investing now can also help the company raise money faster. The more people that invest before the public launch, the higher ranked the company will appear in Wefunder’s search results.

Franchising:  We are about half way through the process of becoming a franchisor – in about two months we will be able to accept franchise applications.  As a result of the current pandemic many people have decided not to be dependent on a job and are ready to open a business of their own.   Do you know anyone (pretty much anywhere in the USA) who is looking for a unique business?  Please introduce me or send them to

Below are a few FAQ’s about our public offering:

Q. What is Crowdfunding and why did you choose this method?

A. Over the years people I know have wanted to invest in or get involved in my various ventures, but until the SEC approved the Crowdfunding Reg CF program investments like this were only available to “accredited investors”, usually with a $25,000 minimum, which ruled out most people who just wanted to put a few hundred or a few thousand in to a start-up. – that’s why this time I decided to partner with Wefunder – they are kind of like Kickstarter, but for investing instead. You can buy a small part of Parlay Cafe; if we do well, so will you.  

Q. How much should I invest?

A. Investing in start-ups is risky – only invest an amount that won’t cause you problems if something unforeseen happens and the opportunity fails.

Q. What is the max I can invest?

A. Usually 10% of your annual income, capped at $100,000 per investor.

Q. What should I expect as a return and when?

A. We hope to return at least 5-8 X your investment, in 3-5 years when a sale or merger occurs (no guarantee of this of course).  Please review the business plan and pro forma for details and projections here:  

Q. What will the funds be used for?

A. To finish our franchise offering and open 4-5 more company owned locations.

Q. Is there a deadline?

A.  No, but the investors who contribute during the “friends and family” stage get better terms.

Q. What happens after the “friends and family” phase?

A. Wefunder has 400,000 small investors on their platform – once we finish the friends and family phase, if there are enough investors then Wefunder will promote our offering to their entire investor pool!

Q. Can I invest in other start-ups at Wefunder?

A. Yes once you have an account you can make as many Angel investments as you like.

Thoughts or questions?  Feel free to contact us!  You’ll find our contact information here on our website.

Don Mastrangelo
Owner, Parlay Café



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