Deciding to take the next step in your career by buying a franchise is an exciting time in anyone’s life. Pursuing a new business venture, becoming a business owner and investing in your success is empowering and exciting to say the least, but before you take your next step, it is important to make sure you are ready for what the future holds.

While franchise ownership is some of the most rewarding work you can do, it is also *work*—meaning it is important that you understand what this next step entails. While we can’t speak for all franchises, below, we will examine what it takes to be a franchise owner in our system—and let you know how to get in touch with us if you meet the criteria!

The Startup Costs Associated With Becoming a Parlay Cafe Franchisee

The initial franchise fee. When you decide to invest in a franchise, the first thing to do is pay the initial franchise fee. This fee covers your licensing and use rights, and makes you an official part of the franchise system. When you franchise with us, the initial franchise fee is $35,000.

The initial startup costs. Including the initial franchise fee, the average startup costs for a franchisee is $188,000. This can vary based on location, but will cover everything you need to get started (i.e. equipment, inventory, initial training, location fees, licensing fees and more).

The Traits Associated With Becoming a Parlay Cafe Franchisee

In addition to hitting the financial requirements, our successful franchisees also have some vital traits in common. We are looking for franchise owners who are business-savvy, are not afraid of working hard and have strong integrity.

In return, we provide unparalleled support, training and ongoing collaboration for our franchisees so you are truly set up for success within our system. In addition to initial on-site training, we will provide you with ongoing marketing support and education so you can be certain your franchise location is a profitable and rewarding business venture. We can’t wait to have you join the team!

If these franchise requirements sound right up your alley, we would love to chat about our current opportunities. Contact us today to learn how to get started with our franchise system.