This year has ushered in sweeping changes to how we live and work. Now, we’re beginning to see that things won’t simply “go back to normal” any time soon. Instead, it appears that we are transitioning into what some call a “new normal”… And remote work is a huge part of that reality.

So why do we think remote work is not just a temporary adjustment to life under pandemic regulations?

Remote work is efficient. For many years, workers pleaded for remote work options, citing numerous reasons to back up their requests. But still, many employers resisted. The Covid-19 pandemic forced companies to transition to remote work on what we all believed was a temporary basis. But the results surprised many company heads.

Productivity has not dropped, as many feared, and in fact has increased in many cases! Under duress, employees have proven that their companies can continue to thrive even when they work from home or other locations.

For instance, Jack Dorsey of Twitter already announced that remote work will become permanent at his company.

Distractions are reduced. With traditional office work, opportunities for distraction abound. From frequent donut breaks to water cooler chat, we all know that there are plenty of ways to exist within an office space without actually doing any work.

The shift to working from home changed mindsets. Instead of existing on the clock, workers address their daily or weekly workload. The focus was placed back on work, rather than being at work.

And, since commutes were eliminated, workers can start work feeling less overwhelmed and better able to stay on task.

Overhead costs are lowered. The cost of operating a large office space can be overwhelming for budgets. Rent and utilities add up to significant overhead expenses, even before factoring in employee pay and benefits. All of that can be reduced or outright eliminated under the remote work model.

Employees like it, too, because they spend less on commuting, vehicle maintenance, work wardrobes, lunches out, and other costs associated with working in an office.

Remote work doesn’t always mean working from home. Of course, even though remote work is here to stay, that won’t always mean working from home. Sometimes you need a change of scenery, or a quiet environment away from the kids, or even just access to faster internet. Parlay Cafe was designed to support remote work needs, so stop by and check out what we have to offer. Whether you’re seeking a daily work zone close to home, or just an occasional getaway, we have what you need to support remote work.


Don Mastrangelo
Owner, Parlay Café