Now that some businesses are opening back up, many employees wish to continue working from home. Luckily, the past year has proven to employers that remote work is not only possible, but it can also be more efficient and better for workers in numerous ways. That’s why many analysts predict that remote work is here to stay for many of us. But as this report from CBS News explains, both employees and employers have mixed feelings about this change.

Not all workers feel thrilled about the prospect of continued remote work, however. Some report that working from home can feel lonely, that internet outages disrupt their workdays, or that family members frequently interrupt. Many never fully adapted to video conferencing, saying they miss personal, face-to-face interactions.

Of course, working from home doesn’t always translate literally! Most remote workers work from a variety of locations, such as home, libraries, cafes, hotels, airports, and more. Even those who mostly stay home would prefer to get out of the house a few times per week, for a change of scenery, to access reliable internet connections, or to escape distractions.

Likewise, even companies that have fully embraced remote work acknowledge that in-person meetings are sometimes preferred. Those that lack adequate in-office square footage occasionally search for appropriate meeting spaces elsewhere, so that the awkwardness and technological difficulties of video conferencing can be avoided. When teams can gather and work together in real time, creative breakthroughs often result.

Parlay Cafe was designed with all of these needs in mind. Workers who occasionally need to escape their homes appreciate our cozy, convenient work pods and lightning-fast internet connections. And employers seeking meeting space for any size group appreciate our flexible conference rooms. Come visit us to see how Parlay Cafe can support your remote work needs, and we’ll be happy to show you around.


Don Mastrangelo
Owner, Parlay Café