Yesterday a first-time visitor came in to Parlay Café looking for a place to hold a two-hour customer meeting. “I work for a large national company – they recently closed all our offices and transitioned us to working from home…” We hear this story every day, as more companies are taking advantage of technology to reduce overhead and travel expenses. But not everything can be done from a home office! In this case our new member needed to meet with a local customer who was traveling through the area. “I can’t have a meeting at my home office – we have young children at home and its just not the right environment…”

Parlay Café provides a unique environment that enables members and guests to work alone, meet others, and attend gatherings or events. Our Promenade Mall location in Temecula, California is the first of 1,000 locations planned to open nationwide over the next ten years – in anticipation of the growing trend toward home-based workers.

Parlay Café was designed to feel like the VIP or Executive Lounge at the airport. Our members tend to be entrepreneurs, people who work from home, business travelers, and just people who value a little pampering while they enjoy a better espresso drink or smoothie.

Additionally, there are several private meeting and conference rooms available that accommodate up to 45 people, as well as mobile phone pods that provide a soundproof environment for private cell phone calls. A full-service espresso bar in the lobby is open to the public for coffee drinks and light fare.

Come to Parlay Café at the Promenade Mall (Temecula) and see it for yourself! The coffee bar and lobby seating areas are open to the public. You will appreciate the unique, upscale environment. You can find us in the outdoor area, downstairs between Macy’s and the Yard House. Check out our Members Lounge, conference Rooms and The Forum (our training room), all available for rent for your next meeting or event. Daily and monthly passes are available – ask for a tour!



Written by Don Mastrangelo, Owner, Parlay Café