Written by Don Mastrangelo…

More and more of us are either working from home, or starting a business from home – the opportunities are exciting and exhilarating! Many new businesses start out as “one person shows”, where an enterprising individual decides to escape the cubicle and go out on an entrepreneurial adventure. I myself am a serial entrepreneur, so I have had the chance to start many fledgling enterprises in just this way.

Over the years I have started ventures from my kitchen table, a spare bedroom, a nook in the garage, a garden shed – you name it. It’s a great way to start out, but working from home has its disadvantages as well – including barking dogs, doorbells, crying babies, and just the distraction of all the things that can be done (other than work) at home.

Many of us have discovered the coffee shop! First off, there’s coffee! A little caffeine can’t be beat for keep us entrepreneurs going. Plus it’s a great place to meet with prospects and clients, right? Well, maybe not so much…noisy blenders, grinders, screaming kids. So coffee shops are not really a great environment for business, they are just the default for people who work from home.

That’s why we created Parlay Café – we built it specifically as a haven for people like us, with a separate Members Lounge featuring luxury leather seating, multiple workstations, phone booths for private cell phone calls – everything you wish you could have at the coffee shop (plus we serve great Illy coffee and espresso drinks)! A day pass is only $10.00, and discounted monthly memberships are available. So, if you regularly work from home or the coffee shop, or know someone who does, come and visit Parlay Café in the Promenade Mall (Outdoors between Macy’s and the Yard House). And bring a prospect or client!