Working from a coffee shop is a growing trend for business travelers, home based entrepreneurs, network marketers, and more. Its an easy and comfortable place to catch up on e-mail, work on a project, meet a client, co-worker or prospect, or make a few business calls. WAIT – business phone calls? Not so much! There is nothing worse than trying to have a professional phone conversation with grinders, blenders, baristas and screaming kids in the background!

Yes, a coffee shop is the perfect place for the Road Warrior to do business – except it isn’t. That is exactly why we created Parlay Café, with a separate Members Lounge equipped with soundproof phone booths for private business calls!

Would you like to try out a coffee shop that was built for business?

Come to Parlay Café at the Promenade Mall (Temecula) and see for yourself – the coffee bar and lobby seating areas are open to the public! You will appreciate the unique, upscale environment. You can find us in the outdoor area, downstairs between Macy’s and the Yard House. Check out our Members Lounge, conference Rooms and The Forum (our training room), all available for rent for your next meeting or event. Daily and monthly passes are available – ask for a tour!

Written by Don Mastrangelo, Owner, Parlay Café